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Troy & Allen Music and Dance Performances

Our focus is on local performances that differ from the shows at the DIY Street Fair.

The goal is to add to the weekend, not duplicate.


4:00      Erin Alexis                  Sax & Tracks

5:00      Tap Dance Detroit       Tap Dance

6:00      Erin Alexis                  Sax & Tracks


11:00    Tap Dance Detroit      Tap Dance

12:00    Consuming Arts         Vibraphone Duo

1:00      Ameera Bandy         Funk

2:00      FACC                     Surprise!

3:00      Sheila Landis           Jazz Duo

4:00      Sheila Landis           Jazz Duo

5:30      Guyman Ensley        Jazz


12:00    Tap Dance Detroit      Tap Dance

1:00      Consuming Arts         Vibraphone Duo

2:00      Droxity                   Multi-Media Artist

4:00      Little Amal               Refugee Puppet

4:30      Taylor Made Jazz       Jazz

All Day on Nine Mile-

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