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Please read these descriptions before applying:



Thank you for your interest in joining us at the Funky Ferndale Art Fair.   No art fair is perfect for every artist, who lets take a moment to determine if this one is right for you.

First, we are a funky art fair. By that we mean that we celebrate non-traditional images and materials.   Many of our attendees are not buyers of traditional items, but instead looking for images that provoke thought and discussion.

We jury in: artists who make their own items;  sponsors, and food booths.

We do not include people selling manufactured items, including designers who have their items produced for them.

Creative items which would not be traditionally called art are more challenging.  We have avoided soaps, candles and the like.  That's not to say that you could not wow us with one of a kind was sculptures that happened to have wicks...  But probably not. 

Prints- We love one of a kind and signed limited edition.  We tolerate some open edition unsigned work as a portion of your booth.  


Fiber Arts- Suddenly everyone wants to sell silk screened t-shirts.  We get it. People love them. They are easy.  you can design once and sell for life.  While the image may be art, the shirt is probably not.  Most of our garments are up cycled, hand stitched, batik or otherwise unique. Also, if you want to sell any wearable items, you must apply in those categories.

Jewelry is an especially challenging area. Forty percent of those applying want to sell jewelry. That means that at least half of the jewelers will be turned down.  Our criteria?  First of all funky and creative. Just as important- what part do you play in the process.  Someone who is great at selecting and stringing bead, no matter how wonderful, is not as exciting to us as artists who make the elements of their work.  

Our audience is a mixture of young adults and families.   Art under $500 does best, though some of our happiest artist also sell more expensive art.

The best way to see if you would fit in is to take a look at the 2023 artists.  



We are a juried visual art fair.  We're not interested in most manufactured items no matter how cool they may be.

We do include food vendors.  Naturally those with more unusual menus fit our vibe best.


Authors have become a special part of the fair.

Performers- we include some buskers and are considering including jazz, folk and classical performers.  We are biased towards the visual arts, so if you are disrupting them things are not going to end well.   The DIY Street Fair is across the street and is much more inclusive in booking music.


Sponsors are welcome, as long as they are not featuring items that compete with the arts.  

YES- Home improvement, utilities, automotive, CBD,  high end cookware...

NO- wearables, loud hawkers, commercial retail...

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