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Concerned about Covid 19?

So are we. 

What we are doing:

• Booths are spread further apart.  We have added spaces on Allen and Troy to allow for safer distance.

• Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the site.  Please use it frequently.

• Our artists are told not to come if they have symptoms or concerns. We have a more liberal cancellation policy to encourage this.

• We encourage everyone to wear masks, though differ to state, county and city laws.

• Where possible we have eliminate touch points and other areas which may encourage disease transmission.

What you can do:

• Please wear a mask regardless of your vaccination status.  Vaccinated people can catch Covid and transmit it to those not yet vaccinated.

 • The vaccine has been proven effective and safe.  We understand concerns though strongly believe that any danger of taking the vaccine is less than the dangers of avoiding it.  As with mask wearing, vaccination is something we can do to protect others in the community.

• Stay home if you are not feeling well, have been in contact with someone with Covid or otherwise have symptoms.

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